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2024 Summer Camp Guide

Welcome to the 2024 Macaroni KID League City/Clear Lake Summer Camp Guide, your ultimate guide to summer camps! 

As parents in League City/Clear Lake we understand the importance of choosing the perfect summer camp experience for your kids. That's why we've compiled this list of handpicked summer camps in the League City/Clear Lake area and beyond that offer a blend of education, excitement, and unforgettable memories. 

This year's Summer Camp Guide is sponsored by Elitecare Emergency Hospital.  At Elitecare Emergency Hospital their patients are seen by emergency physicians within minutes and treated with respect and compassion. They provide a level of VIP treatment that they believe every patient not only deserves, but should always expect. So in the horrible chance your child breaks their arm this Summer, you know where to head to be taken care of. But nonetheless, here are some great local summer camps and programs for your children this summer. 

Please note: We're adding more camps to the 2024 Macaroni KID League City/Clear Lake Summer Camp Guide frequently, so check back often!

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