School of Rock

1020 W Nasa Pkwy #146Houston, TX 77058
Phone: 281-218-7625
Business Hours: 1-9 PMEmail: clearlake@schoolofrock.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Send your child to the ultimate summer music experience at School of Rock! Summer Music Camps are the perfect way to spend your summer break. Students learn to play songs through live performances like real musicians. Do you want to learn how to play in a band or learn to write songs? We've got you covered! School of Rock offers a wide variety of music camps for ages 4-18 years old. From beginner music camps to intermediate and advanced sessions, our music camps will further a student's musical foundation. With Green Day, Classic Rock, Blues, Indie Rock, Metal and Punk, 21st Century, Rock 101, Songwriting and Production, Rock Rookies, and Little Wing, you will surely find a great camp for your rocker! We even have options for three day and five day camps, full day and half day camps. Most of our camps end with a live show performed by the campers. Check School of Rock upcoming music camps to sign-up today!