Embark Answers The Question: What Kind of Dog Is That, Anyway?

Guess this Macaroni KID mutt's breed and win an Embark Breed + Health Test!

By Macaroni KID July 10, 2023

Guess Maizy's Breed for a Chance to Win an Embark Breed + Health Test!

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At Macaroni KID, we LOVE our dogs. In fact, every single member of our core team is the proud owner of at least one furry friend. And many of these pooches were rescues, whose backstories we knew very little about. 

We recently had the opportunity to learn more about our mutts with Embark's Breed + Health Test. We were pawsitively surprised at the results! 

Not only did we discover the ancestries of our beloved companions, but we also gained valuable health information in the process. Read on for our DNA discoveries...

Dog #1: Que (pronounced like the letter "Q")

  • Backstory: Que, named for the Q-shaped scar on his nose, came from an abusive home. He won over his new family VERY quickly and immediately bonded with his two mutt siblings as well. 
  • Silly Quirk: Que thinks he's a human. He truly "talks" in conversations with his family.
  • Breed Guess: Pointer-Dalmatian Mix
  • Embark Breed Reveal: American Pit Bull Terrier, Brittany, German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner. (Boy were we off the mark!)
  • Embark Health Information: Thanks to Embark, we learned that Que has two copies of a variant in the GPT gene and is likely to have a lower than average baseline ALT activity. ALT is a commonly used measure of liver health on routine veterinary blood chemistry panels. Embark suggests we advise our veterinarian to watch for changes in Que's ALT activity above his current, healthy, ALT activity. An increase above Que’s baseline ALT activity could be evidence of liver damage, even if it is within normal limits by standard ALT reference ranges.
  • What did you learn about Que? We just shared Que's Embark report with our vet and we’re very relieved! Getting more info about his ALT levels was a game-changer for monitoring his liver health.

Dog #2: Ollie 

  • Backstory: Ollie was adopted from K-9 Lifesavers. His parents happened to be walking by a PetSmart during an adoption event... and he stole their hearts!
  • Silly Quirk: Every morning he leaps on the bed to wake us up and shower us with endless wet kisses. He spends his free time collecting ping pong balls, tugging at the ears of his labrador retriever sister Wonder and chasing neighborhood bunnies.
  • Breed Guess: Labrador Retriever Mix 
  • Embark Breed Reveal: Dalmatian, Golden Retriever & Standard Poodle (Never in a million years did we think Ollie is part golden retriever or standard poodle!!)
  • Embark Health Information: Clear Results!
  • What did you learn about Ollie? He's ONLY a mix of 3 breeds — a Dalmatian, Golden Retriever & Poodle! We figured he would have some labrador retriever in him. But he doesn't have any!

Dog #3: Maizy

About Embark

Embark's Breed + Health Dog DNA Test goes beyond just determining your dog's breed mix. It screens for over 230 genetic health risks across more than an impressive 350 breeds. By unlocking your dog's breed mix and screening for potential health risks, you can make informed decisions that promote your dog's overall health, happiness, and longevity. 

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