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By Christen Reiner, publisher of Macaroni KID Lakewood-Littleton May 27, 2021

Learning new skills.

I'm always down for that. However, as an adult who has long been away from a traditional school setting, and with kids at home who are all going in different directions every day, it's been difficult for me to find a way to explore all of the subjects on my bucket list. That is, until recently when I found Skillshare

Skillshare is an online community made just for creative and curious people like me. You'll find over 135,000 classes for all skill levels on topics like music, design, web development, photography, investing, animation, illustration, and so much more. In fact, part of the fun is creating your own To-Do Lists of classes that spark your interest!

On paper, Skillshare seemed to be everything that I was looking for. But was it too good to be true?

Of course, I had to dive in and find out for myself. And dive in I did!

I have been wanting to learn American Sign Language since I was in high school. I have thought about signing up for a class several times in my life, but honestly, the thought of having to make it to a class at a specific time during my busy week was too daunting. So it never happened.

Enter Skillshare.

Y'all. You would not even BELIEVE how many class options there are for American Sign Language. There are thirty. THIRTY! Ranging from 22 minutes to over six hours, and covering everything from the basic alphabet to complete sentences and dialogues, these classes were exactly what I was looking for and I could not wait to get started.

I chose a basic alphabet class to begin with. The class was 29 minutes, and each of the 14 lessons were one to three minutes long. I could totally do that! Under a half hour to learn the ASL alphabet? Yes, please!

ASL BASICS | The Alphabet and Fingerspelling | American Sign Language

What I loved:

  • I could pause the videos to practice and review the skills.
  • I took the class after my kids went to bed while I was hanging out on the couch.
  • When my daughter needed my help, I could sneak away in between lessons and not miss a thing. Thank goodness for short lessons and the pause button!
  • The instructor was clear and moved at the perfect pace for my skill level.
  • The content was not overwhelming, especially for a beginner.
  • I was given an easy, yet effective, project to practice my new skills. Bonus: I totally impressed my family doing it.
  • In 30 minutes I was able to complete the class and feel confident in my new skill set while gaining a real sense of accomplishment. Plus, Skillshare celebrated with me when I finished!

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Top Five Reasons Why Skillshare is the Perfect Fit for Me

I can learn when and where I want to.

I have a busy life, but it's important that I still take time for myself. Skillshare offers a website and an app that make learning on my schedule 100% doable. Learning in the Hug and Drop lane while I wait for my kids? You bet. Mastering new skills at 10pm? Absolutely.

Skillshare is like an all-you-can-learn buffet.

There are 135,000 class options on Skillshare. How do I pick just one? As a member, I can take as many classes as I would like. That means unlimited new skills to discover! 

I'm not alone on my journey.

Most classes are interactive and include a combination of video lessons and a class project to help you stay on track. The best part? Members can share, collaborate, and network with the Skillshare community, who are all willing to give feedback on your completed projects. It's like having a 24/7 support system. 

I can custom design my discovery based on my skill level.

Let's face it. We are all good at some things and not so good at others. Skillshare knows this and makes it easy to choose your skill level based on your prior knowledge. Don't know anything about Graphic Design? Start at the beginning! Played piano as a kid? Jump in at the Intermediate level!

I can learn at my own pace. 

Flexibility is key for me, and Skillshare is as flexible as it gets. Most classes are less than an hour long and are broken up into segments that make completing lessons quick and easy. This is especially valuable for me because sometimes I only have 15 minutes to spare in my day. Last night's sign language class with three minute lessons was so perfect -- I could tackle a couple of lessons and come back later to finish the class without feeling like I had abandoned ship in the middle of a concept.

So, what's up next for me on Skillshare?

➡️ Simple Productivity: How to Accomplish More With Less

The possibilities are endless with Skillshare!

Do you want to be a lifelong learner, too? Join the Skillshare community today and take the first step on your own creative journey. 

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Disclosure: I received a subscription to Skillshare for the purpose of review. However, all opinions are 100% my own.