Uncle Milton National Geographic Explorer Toys

Review Part 2

By Lindsay Flagan August 19, 2012
I have been so excited to have the opportunity to review Uncle Milton's National Geographic Explorer Toys!  This week we are focusing on explorer toys for evening fun - otherwise known as light up toys!  As I mentioned last week, all of these toys have great activity guides included to help you make the most of your new explorer toy!

First up is the High Sierra Eco Explorer.  This cool toy is a 3-in-1 bug collector with a seachlight!  In addition to the light that can be used as a headlamp on the elastic band, this toy also comes with a soil sifter, dig tool, tweezers, and two containers with belt clips to hold the creepy crawlies that your little one collects!  This is a great toy for hours of outdoor fun!


Next toy is the Expedition Sky Flare.  The image above is the Expedition Sky Flare shown at night!  The sky flare will soar up to 50 ft letting your friends and family know exactly where you are!  A fun activity that my kids have enjoyed is to create a target and then take turns launching the flare and see who can get it closest to the target.  Another activity that is suggested is to have parents hide five objects in the backyard, once the child finds all of the objects they can set off their flare to let their parents know they are done and ready to celebrate.  How fun is that!

One toy that we hope to review in the future is the Expedition Shoe Lights.  Kids can strap on these lights and safely light their way to a fun nightime expedition!

These toys are currently being offered at a great discount on!

Uncle Milton provided my family with these toys for the purpose of this review.  Opinions are my own.