Adorable Sibling Photo Contest

May 22, 2011

Winner will receive a $69 Lakewood Photography Credit and a $25 Target Giftcard

Time for another fun Facebook photo contest!  This time let's do a Adorable Sibling Photo Contest!

Please submit your most adorable sibling photo of YOUR children to with the title Siblings.  Include your name, childrens names, and phone number.  I will accept entries until noon on 5/25/11.  I then will post the entries on our Facebook page in a dedicated album (I will only post your child's first name and last inital.... this is just so friends can easily find them).  Voting will begin at 9pm on 5/25/11 and end at 4pm on 5/27/11.  Each "like" that a photo receives will be considered a vote.

*You must be a subscriber to enter your children.

*By sending me a photo of YOUR children, you agree that I may upload the photo to Facebook.

*Voters do not have to be Macaroni Kid League City/Clear Lake subscribers, but they will have to "like" our Facebook page before they can "like" your photo.

The winner will receive a $69 credit to Lakewood Photography and a $25 Target Giftcard!

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